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5 No Excuse Workout Options - Get Moving Without Leaving Your Home

Too busy to exercise? These easily customized workouts offer you no excuse. Many are even free. You just need a smart phone or access to YouTube. There are so many to choose from but here are 5 favourites.

1. Nike Training Club App - IOS & android - FREE

The Nike Training club app features over 175 free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga. Workout times range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. A range of intensities and levels are also available. With body part focused workouts or boxing, strength, endurance and mobility workouts, there is something for everyone. Plus there is no need for equipment with the option of body weight only workouts. This app is a favourite, with over 1000 reviews and a 4.8 out of 5 rating. Plus it is entirely free.

2. PopSugar Fitness - You Tube channel - FREE

Need a little music to get you moving? Then this You Tube channel might be for you. With over 2 million subscribers it has loads of options and levels. Full body, body focused and cardio workouts. Funky music to get your heart rate up and motivate you. Select your video and get your groove on!

3. Fitness Blender - Youtube channel - FREE

A more subdued option is FitnessBlender. This husband and wife team have created over 500 workouts for you to choose from. Search the workouts by length, difficulty, training type, muscles used, calorie burn & more. They might be more subdued than many of the options on PopSugar Fitness but they must be doing something right with over 5 million subscribers.

4. Daily Yoga - Workouts & Fitness - App - IOS & Android

Voted the best yoga app by Healthline for 5 straight years. This app covers yoga, pilates, meditation and HIIT workouts. Contains guided yoga classes in HD video for beginners to advanced. Subscribe for $9.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

5. Sworkit: Workouts & Plans - App - IOS & Android

Designed for those who are just too busy to work out, so you really can workout anywhere and for any length of time. Easily customize your workout by selecting your workout time (from 5 - 60 minutes), your focus, intensity level, exercise category, impact level and stance (floor, standing or seated or a combination). Try it free for 30 days or subscribe quarterly for $29.99 or yearly for $79.99.

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