Poor health? The MOST important question to ask yourself.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

It's troubling to see so many suffering from an array of symptoms and chronic health conditions. Are you one of them? A new client recently reminded me of what we all need to ask ourselves when suffering from poor health.

This client had suffered for 2 years from a large list of nasty symptoms, seeing numerous doctors and specialists, until eventually these health care professionals gave up saying there was nothing more they could do. Deflated, barely functioning day to day and on a cocktail of medications, he came to visit me. Although he still has a long way to go, under my care it only took two months to see a drastic improvement in his health and well-being.

When you see improvements like this on a regular basis, it would be easy to take all the credit. However he did all the work, he made all the necessary dietary changes, he took his supplements daily, he drove for up to an hour there and back to see me for his visits. All I did, was give him the guidance he needed. Although I did take the time to work out the most important question we all need to ask ourselves when we get sick... which is... WHY?

WHY did he get sick in the first place? What was the CAUSE of his symptoms?

So ask yourself WHY do you have high blood pressure? WHY do you struggle to get to sleep? WHY do you get regular headaches & migraines? WHY do you get reflux?

Because I'll tell you right now it is NOT because of a shortage of blood pressure meds, sleeping pills, painkillers or losec.

Before you think of taking that medication for that symptom or the next symptom that comes along, please do me and yourself a favour and ask..."is this necessary?" "have I worked out WHY?"

It can be very challenging to come off a cocktail of medications, as I find many become almost reliant on them. But in reality they are usually making themselves sicker with the side effects of those drugs and with the fact they haven't addressed the underlying cause.

So if you know it's due to stress, do something about that stress or seek help to support your body through that stress, whether that be through counselling, hiring more help, supplementing, whatever...but address the CAUSE.

Now if you don't know WHY, seek the answer with help from a holistic health or functional medicine practitioner. If that is not in your budget, then I recommend you "go back to basics".

Go back to basics

What do I mean by "go back to basics"? Firstly think of the 3 major causes of poor health...

1. Emotional stress - negative thoughts, workplace stress, grief, over work, trauma etc.

2. Biochemical stress - chemical toxins, (including drugs), heavy metal toxicity, food intolerances, parasites, poor gut health, nutritional deficiencies and so much more.

3. Structural stress - injuries, repetitive stress, micro-trauma to the musculoskeletal structures of the body. Plus interference to the nerve system that controls the body. Or even blockages in the energy pathways within the body.

In what areas do you think your body could do with more support?

The most common issue I find, and which I feel has the biggest impact on health and well-being is poor gut health. The gut or digestive system is responsible for nutrient absorption and eliminating waste. It plays an important role in detoxifying and making sure we have all the building blocks we need to heal, grow and function. It also contains 70-80% of our immune system to fight off unwanted bugs. Furthermore it has an impact on our brain and mental health through the intricate communication network between the two systems and through the guts production of important neurotransmitters.

So if you are not sure where to start, I suggest you begin by healing your gut. For more detailed information feel free to check out "You are 90% bugs, but are you the right kind?" and "Top tips to heal your gut and improve your immune system".

You only have one body, and it needs to last you a lifetime.

Pumping it full of drugs is not the answer to good health. Instead NOURISH your body, mind and soul with good real food, pure clean water, happy thoughts, and fun times. Then if you do get sick, remember to ask yourself WHY and address the CAUSE. We all need to NOURISH to FLOURISH.

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