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Low tox 
Natural Health & Beauty Recommendations


I've selected my favourite products to help you naturally nourish and flourish. 

These are products I personally use, love and happily recommend. 


Why go low-tox?

There are around 125,000 man-made toxins in our environment! Although our bodies have an in-built detoxification system, how well we detoxify is dependent on a number of factors. Nutrient deficiencies, genetic conditions, poor liver function and poor gut health all play a role. As well as what we are exposed to, for how long and how much.  

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so even what we absorb through our skin should be of concern, not just what we inhale, inject or ingest.

Overloading our body with toxins stresses our body and puts us at greater risk of disease. 

Below you'll find lists of supplements, packaged foods, natural beauty, personal & household products. 
Click the links to head to an online store to purchase or to get more information.
Please note, in some cases, we may receive a small commission from a purchase made using the links. This helps to keep Nourish to Flourish online, and we thank you for your support. 
Keen to know which natural lead-free lipsticks we recommend?
Or which natural aluminium-free deodorant I use?
Then let's go shopping...

Low tox your life!

George-51 square.jpg
Dr Georgina Compton aka Dr G

Used in my home to replace artificial fragrances, as a natural perfume, for emotional support, for immune and sleep support, for healthy vibrant skin, for cleaning (in my kitchen bench spray) and so much more... 

For a list of my favourite natural beauty and personal products including makeup, body wash, moisturisers, sunscreen, toothpaste, bubble bath, healing creams, hair care & more. 

health post.png

A New Zealand based online health store that ships to NZ and Australia. It has a large range of natural beauty products, health supplements, household products, and organic & super foods. 


This online store ships to almost anywhere in the world! 

It has a huge selection of natural beauty products, health supplements and packaged healthy food options.

Clicking this link will bring you t a full list of all the products sold on Iherb that I recommend. 

Kitchen Sink

Coming soon

Household products

What I use in my home to reduce our chemical exposure. Low-tox living at it's best.

From hand soaps, cleaners, laundry detergents  


Coming soon

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