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Why doTERRA essential oils?


  • Pure extracts from plants (50-70 x more powerful than herbs)

  • Nature’s defence mechanism for plants and cells

  • Used anciently and throughout history for health benefits

  • Highly concentrated eg. 1 drop of peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea

  • Safe, effective, affordable and an alternative to synthetic remedies 

  • Shelf life of 5 –10 years or more if stored correctly

  • Many of the essential oils have research to back up their therapeutic claims - just check out the research on pubmed for Frankincense

  • Learn more by checking out my blog posts or looking at the individual doTERRA oils through my website here

Head to my website..


To purchase RETAIL, select SHOP & then choose your language and country.

OR to purchase WHOLESALE

(25% off)

Select JOIN & SAVE

 - Choose your country -

 - Select Local (OTG) order -

 - Select wholesale customer -

 - Enter your details -

For wholesale purchases membership is only $40 NZ ($35A) or FREE with the purchase of an enrollment kit.


There are a number of kits to choose from but the "Home Essentials Kit" is the best value. It includes a diffuser & 10 of the most popular oils to cover a huge array of uses. 

Search "Kit" to see your options. Otherwise simply add the $40 membership fee to your cart to receive the wholesale rate. 

Once you are happy with your selections...

- Enter your payment details - 

Note: Membership gives you 25% off retail on future purchases and NO obligation to order again or to resell. 

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