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Irritable bowel syndrome?

In my FREE
Ten Top Tips for IBS pdf download,
  • Which two nutrient deficiencies must be corrected for any chance of a healthy gut. 

  • Two food groups, I highly recommend anyone with gut issues cut out immediately, while healing their gut.

  • My favourite natural solutions for acute situations. 
  • Which probiotics I recommend (but only for some).

  • My top tips to aid digestion.

  • And more...


Hi! I'm Dr Georgina Compton, a certified functional medicine practitioner & chiropractor with a special interest in gut health and helping those with irritable bowel syndrome.

These tips are the result of many years of study and experience working with IBS sufferers.

And as an ex-IBS sufferer, I understand the frustration and pain, that comes with having no clear direction to overcome the symptoms of IBS. 

With 10-15% of the world's population estimated to have IBS, I feel we can and must do better! 

Dr Georgina Compton - Chiropractor & Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (1)_edited
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