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The ULTIMATE guide for those needing to reduce oxalate in their diet.

ALL the necessary tools, tips & tables are in one easy-to-read pdf download.


If a low oxalate diet has been suggested due to kidney stones, vulvodynia, bladder or urinary issues, chronic pain, and more, then the whole process can seem overwhelming and complicated.


The Low Oxalate Living Guidebook clears any confusion.


Thoroughly researched by a certified functional medicine practitioner, you'll have the answer to all those pesky questions and discover how to easily navigate a low oxalate diet without feeling like you're missing out!


    Inside you'll find:

    • Easy to view, alphabetized, low & high oxalate charts to quickly discover your "safe" foods.
    • Accurate oxalate content tables for a huge range of foods to calculate your daily oxalate intake.
    • Vital tips for when starting a low oxalate diet. (HINT: You don't want to suddenly cut all high oxalate foods!)
    • ​​Supplement suggestions & low oxalate supplement lists for additional support.
    • Tips for when baking, cooking & eating out.
    • 100+ Low oxalate meal & snack ideas (including gluten & dairy-free).

    And so much more!


    • Learn how oxalates can be so damaging to the body & how to reduce their impact to heal & thrive.

    So, you can feel better FAST!



    You no longer need to waste time scouring the internet for answers.

    Everything you need to know when trying a low oxalate diet can be found in this one valuable resource.


    Note: This is a digital download in PDF format, so it is delivered straight to your inbox on purchase. Print on A4 paper for best results or simply view on your computer or device. 




    These files are for personal use only. Print these as many times as you like for yourself or as gifts.
    But you cannot sell the files or cards/items printed with these files. You do not have permission to redistribute, recreate, repackage or alter the files or items made from them for sale. And you cannot claim the designs or content as your own.

    Low Oxalate Living Guidebook

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