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The ULTIMATE guide for those needing to reduce oxalate in their diet.

ALL the necessary tools, tips & tables are in one easy-to-read pdf download.

& Recipe Book

This guidebook will help you

gain clarity on the do's & don'ts of a low oxalate diet

If a low oxalate diet has been suggested due to kidney stones, vulvodynia, bladder or urinary issues, chronic pain, and more, then the whole process can seem overwhelming and complicated.

The Low Oxalate Living Guidebook clears any confusion.

Thoroughly researched by a certified functional medicine practitioner, you'll have the answer to all those pesky questions and discover how to easily navigate a low oxalate diet without feeling like you're missing out!


Easy to view, alphabetized, low & high oxalate charts to quickly discover your "safe" foods.


​Accurate oxalate content tables for a huge range of foods to calculate your daily oxalate intake.


Vital tips for when starting a low oxalate diet. (HINT: You don't want to suddenly cut all high oxalate foods!)


​​Supplement suggestions & low oxalate supplement lists for additional support.


Tips for when baking, cooking & eating out.


100+ Low oxalate meal & snack ideas (including gluten & dairy-free)

and so much more!



Learn how oxalates can be so damaging to the body & how to reduce their impact in order to heal & thrive.

Grab it now for just $27 NZD! ( $19 USD approx)

Add over 30 delicious, family-friendly, low oxalate recipes for just $12! ( just $8 USD approx)

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Dr Georgina Compton
Hi, I'm Dr Georgina Compton

As a certified functional medicine practitioner & chiropractor with almost 20 years of experience, my passion lies in helping people like you, uncover & address the root causes of your health concerns in order to flourish and thrive.

Too often, I find people are confused and overwhelmed when dietary restrictions are suggested. But it doesn't need to be that way.


My valuable guides, tools, and recipe books are designed to simplify the healing journey.

Although they can take me many months to create, it's rewarding to see the benefits that come with their use.

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"I found the Low Oxalate Living Guidebook very interesting and so helpful. Thank you so much. It's just what my Mum and I needed."

Corinna Guilanni

Corinna - testimonial

It was with the diagnosis of oxalate kidney stones a few years ago that my investigations into oxalate toxicity began. During my research, I realized there is so much conflicting information and no one easy resource. So I got busy collating and creating.


The information, tables, and charts contained within this guidebook come from my learnings from experts in the field of oxalate toxicity, like Susan Owens, Sally K. Norton and The Vulvodynia Foundation.

You no longer need to waste time scouring the internet for answers.

Everything you need to know when trying a low oxalate diet can be found in this one valuable resource.
Money Back Guarantee icon.png

You've got nothing to lose.
You even get my personal guarantee.
If you don't find this resource helpful, simply get in touch to receive your money back in full!

At least $100 worth of time-saving content! 
But, grab it now for just $27 NZD! 
( $19 USD approx)
Or SAVE even more by grabbing both the guidebook & recipe ebook for just $39 NZD. ( $27 USD approx)

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In the Recipe ebook you're getting:

Over 30 delicious low oxalate, low sugar & gluten-free recipes suitable for the whole family.

It even includes some low FODMAP, vegetarian & dairy-free options.

All recipes list the oxalate content per serving so you know exactly how much you're consuming!

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Remember, in the Guidebook you're getting:

Over 60 pages of content!


Oxalate charts & tables covering a huge range of foods.


100+ Meal and Snack Ideas.


Tips for when baking, cooking, and eating out.


Suggestions on what to do when dumping oxalates too fast.


Everything you need to know when navigating a low oxalate diet.

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