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It is possible to overcome IBS symptoms for good!

An IBS diagnosis is a BS diagnosis! We can do better.
​In my free online masterclass you'll:
  • Discover the common root causes of IBS that are rarely considered by mainstream medicine. Why is IBS considered a "waste basket" diagnosis?

  • Find out why simply managing symptoms with your IBS can be dangerous!

  • What is a leaky gut? How about SIBO or dysbiosis, candida or parasites? Could these be an issue for you? What are the key indicators?

  • Why can it be so darn challenging to work out trigger foods? What is the difference between an allergy, sensitivity & intolerance?

  • Understand the importance of good gut health and it's connection to a myriad of other diseases and symptoms. . 

  • PLUS...Learn about my 3 STEP GUT HEALING PROTOCOL to get rid of IBS symptoms for good!​​​​​​​

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Thanks Georgina. I really enjoyed your webinar. You really did cut through the BS, and made a complex topic much easier to understand. I learnt a lot and came away with some great insights.


My wife no longer experiences constant reflux, feeling as though her stomach is on fire most of the time, lack of energy and poor skin health. Georgina is friendly, understanding and so supportive and got great results.


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Hi! I'm Dr Georgina Compton,

a busy Mum, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner & Chiropractor with a special interest in gut health & its connection to almost all disease. 

Irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety & depression plagued my twenties, which fueled my desire to learn more about the gut's impact on our mood, skin, hormones, sleep and more.

In my clinic over the years, I've helped so many overcome their IBS symptoms for good that I'm keen to bring my expertise to the world!

I dream of a time when people stop covering up their symptoms & instead get to the root cause, so they can thrive & not just survive.

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