Got irritable bowel syndrome, digestive issues or poor gut health? After a long term solution?

Then my 3 STEP IBS & Gut Healing Program is for you. 
By following my 8 week guided protocol, you'll uncover and address the root causes of your IBS for a long term solution. Unlike many others, this program is NOT about just managing symptoms!


The Nourish to Flourish IBS Solution is an 8-week guided online program created to help you identify & address your IBS root causes to make a lasting impact on your IBS symptoms.  


Although dietary changes are required, this is definitely not a diet. The program focuses on addressing your root causes with natural supplements & lifestyle changes. Many in the end are able to have a more varied diet without fear of a flare.


Anyone with an irritable bowel syndrome diagnosis or with digestive issues wanting to improve their health, digestion, weight, skin, mood, energy and overall well-being. 


We don't want you to just manage your symptoms. We want you to be rid of IBS for GOOD!

There are root causes of IBS that must be addressed & we step by step guide you through this process.

Your care plan is personalised to you & your root causes. 


The program is 100% Online. You'll have access to videos, workbooks, assessment tools and more. PLUS 1 on 1 & group support to individualise your care & keep you on track. 

It is available on all devices, you simply need internet access.


The Nourish to Flourish IBS Solution is an 8 week online program.

You can start anytime. However, because 1:1 consults are included there is limited availability.   

So, are you ready to beat the bloat, the abdominal cramps & the frustration that often comes with IBS?
Are you ready to gain the confidence to eat out, travel & avoid the embarrassing situations IBS sufferers regularly experience?
Are you ready to "get your life back"? Like this client did...

"I suffered from severe abdominal pain for years. The pain took over my life.

It affected my work, focus, happiness, every aspect of my life really.

Then I started seeing Georgina... she solved all of my gut problems...and with it I got my life back again!"

Harpreet C.

Who will guide you through this program?

Hi, I'm Dr Georgina Compton, a certified functional medicine practitioner, ex-IBS sufferer and gut health specialist. 

My health care experience spans over 16 years. 

I have worked with many IBS sufferers in my practice and I haven't had a case that has stumped me yet! 

This is a subject I'm intensely passionate about. As a previous sufferer, I get how frustrating and debilitating it can be. I want to shout to the world that there is a solution to IBS and you don't just have to live with it. 

Plus, poor gut health is connected to almost all disease. Gut healing is a vital step toward preventing and overcoming a vast array of symptoms and dis-ease. 

You see, your gut is not just important for digestion, but your

"Thanks to Georgina I went from not being able to get out of bed due to lack of energy and being out of control with my emotions to living a happier, healthier life, full of energy. I sleep better, I feel better and I look better""

Tessa H.

In my 3 STEP IBS & Gut Healing Program you'll receive:
  • 8 weeks of content and videos.

  • An info-packed workbook to guide you every step of the way.

  • Assessment tools to clarify your trigger foods, intolerances & root causes.

  • A step by step plan to uncover and address the root causes of your IBS.

PLUS - Personalised care in the form of: 

  • TWO 1:1 zoom consults 

  • Natural supplement "prescription"  personalised to your specific root causes (this is the only way to fully address, not just manage symptoms).

  • Dietary recommendations specific to your needs.

  • 24/7 Email support.

That's OVER $500 in personalised care!


  • A printable recipe book filled with over 50 delicious gluten and dairy-free recipes. (Many are also low FODMAP). 

  • Meal planner printables and ideas.

  • A shopping list of handy products to have on hand.

VALUED at over $200!



  • A Facebook community of supporters and accountability buddies 


Now, no matter where you are in the world I can help you overcome your IBS symptoms for good!

So, what would be your investment if you were to join the Nourish to Flourish IBS Solution?

One time payment

$489 NZ 

(approx $310 US)

Normally $989 NZ

SAVE $500 NOW!

*Please note: Supplements are an additional cost but can be ordered direct through or me if in NZ/Australia. 

Monthly payment

2 x $270 NZ 

(2 x $170 US approx)

Normally $1040 NZ

SAVE $500 NOW!

*Please note: Supplements are an additional cost but can be ordered direct through or me if in NZ/Australia. 

Get in quick, because spaces are truly limited. I can only do so many 1:1 consults and therefore numbers are capped. 
As soon as you sign up you'll receive the link to book your 1:1 initial consult and will be given a health history and root cause assessment form to complete. 
Plus, over in the free IBS & Gut healing Facebook Group you'll find others at various stages in their gut healing to offer encouragement, tips and support. 

Gut health problems affected my focus, work, energy levels, everything! For 8 months doctors couldn't help and Georgina had me sorted and well on my way to better health in only a week! Could not recommend highly enough!

Julia B.

I get the frustration.  It's not just IBS!

You've been told it's "just" IBS and yet it impacts every aspect of your life. 

You're either so blocked up you feel nauseous. Or, you're afraid to go out anywhere in case of an accident. 

You're bloated, tired, struggling with your weight and have been given little help by your doctor or specialist.

I get it. I've been there.

I know how debilitating the symptoms of IBS can be. I suffered for many years with abdominal cramps that kept me up at night, nausea, constipation, bloating, fatigue and depression. 

However, eventually, I got to the root causes of my IBS symptoms and now I help others do the same. It's my passion to help you!

What is the 3 STEP Gut healing Process?



Prepare & Support
Weeks 1 - 2
  • Identify your likely IBS root causes with assessment tools or functional lab tests.

  • Clarify your trigger foods & intolerances.

  • Help to clean up your diet & lifestyle.

  • Reduce the likelihood of die-off symptoms with my special tips.

  • Assess if you need nutrient or digestive support. What's missing that could be affecting your gut function?

  • Discover digestive aids and natural symptom relief while in the early stages of the program. 

  • 1 on 1 private consult to confirm root causes and your personalised 3 step supplement "prescription".

Eliminate & Eradicate
Weeks 3 - 6*



  • Let's do this!

  • With the aid of supplements & diet, we'll cleanse the gut of the common root causes of IBS.

  • Each week I'll explain the research or clinical rationale behind the changes you're making. When you know WHY you're making that change, it's so much easier to implement the changes.

  • Topics discussed include:

  • Stress & its impact on the gut.

  • The connection between gut health & headaches/migraines, mood, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, hormonal health and more.

  • How exercise & sleep impacts your (gut) health. 

  • Your 2nd 1:1 consult occurs in the 6th or 7th week to assess progress & set you up for the final step.

*Some may need up to 6 weeks to complete this stage. However, they can move onto step 3 when ready.

Rebalance & Repair
Week 7 & 8 - ongoing
  • By now you should be feeling much better, however, we still need to put the good stuff back in & continue to repair the gut lining. 

  • We discuss the importance of fibre for optimal gut health. 

  • How to go about reintroducing foods and...

  • Tips for avoiding relapse.



Frequently asked questions
Will I get support or am I doing this on my own?
No way will you be doing this on your own! With 2 x 1:1 consults, Q & A times, email support for quick questions, and a Facebook group for encouragement & further chat support, you're sure to feel 100% guided and supported along the way. 
Will the program be tailored to my personal symptoms?
Absolutely. This is why I offer 2 x 1:1 online personal consults via a zoom call. Zoom calls are easy to set up and don't have any additional costs to you. We can also see each other face to face through the camera option, which can help me to really get to know you.
The personalized care, on its own, is valued at over $500!
If the supplements are extra, how much will they cost? Where will I get them from?
The cost depends on your root causes and needs. Everyone will receive a personalised "prescription". There will be two options "must haves" and "optional extras". So if money is tight, you could choose to just order the "must haves". Typically the cost for around two months supply of supplements will be around $300 NZ. As some of the supplements are not needed until the end of the program, you can split the cost up. 
You can order the supplements from virtually anywhere in the world. New iherb customers can even receive 5% off their first purchase.
However, if you are in NZ or Australia it is often easier to have the products shipped directly to you from our suppliers. I'm quite fussy about what supplements I use as I want to give you the best results. 
I've had all the tests by doctors and specialists and they say nothing is wrong. Why do you feel you can help me when others can't?
Although it is great more serious conditions like bowel cancer and inflammatory bowel disease are often ruled out with standard medical tests, it is highly frustrating to be told they have no answers to why you are suffering.
This is why IBS is considered a wastebasket diagnosis. But, there are underlying causes that are not looked for or addressed by the medical system. Dysbiosis (imbalanced gut microbiome), nutrient deficiencies, low stomach acid or digestive enzymes, even pathogenic microbes are often missed. Why? Because they don't know to look for them and/or the better tests are too expensive. 
For example, a comprehensive stool test by a functional medicine lab includes an assessment of the microbiome, it looks at absorption and inflammatory markers, and uses PCR analysis and 3 different samples to make sure no pathogenic microbes are missed. This does not occur with standard medical stool tests. 
Optimal levels for blood tests are also very different and some nutrient testing is not often performed due to cost. 
A functional medicine practitioner looks at the whole body and understands the connections between the symptoms to figure out the root causes. The medical model typically just covers up the symptoms and rarely goes looking for the true underlying causes.
Do I have to have the functional lab tests done? I'm not sure if I can afford them.
Many of the functional lab tests are expensive, unfortunately. For example, a comprehensive stool analysis is $699 NZ. Although this test is very helpful, my approach tends to address many of the issues often detected in these tests anyway and is frequently not necessary to see results.
What if I want to have functional medicine lab tests done?
Depending on where you are in the world, this is certainly an option. These are an additional cost and would need to be discussed prior to your initial consult by sending an email to
Tests can be arranged to assess SIBO (a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), parasites (comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology), dysbiosis (comprehensive stool analysis), food sensitivities and allergies (Complete Dietary antigen test), leaky gut (zonulin blood test) and more. The comprehensive stool analysis ($699 NZ) is the one I most recommend to IBS sufferers.
How much time per week will I need to put aside?
In the first couple of weeks, you'll need about an hour a week to read your workbook, review the videos and understand the protocol. Plus, there will be your1-1 consult and some form filling. From week 3, things get easier.  The weekly videos are shorter and you should be getting into the swing of things.
You will need to allow time for meal prep, planning and cooking. But our tools, tips and meal ideas will help you. 
It's important you fully commit to the 8 weeks to be rewarded with lasting results. 
I am vegetarian or vegan. Is this program suitable for me?
Most of the meals can easily be adapted for a vegetarian or vegan diet. In the program there is a lot of focus on understanding your body and educating you about diet so that you can create your own meal plans and adapt recipes to suit your dietary choices.
Will I get a meal plan? 
I didn't feel a strict meal plan was appropriate. Instead, you'll be given gluten and dairy free recipes and meal ideas to make meal planning easier. Low FODMAP options will also be indicated. Everyone's intolerances are different so you'll be taught how to adapt recipes to suit your dietary needs, while still eating tasty and delicious meals. 
What if I miss a week? Or my supplements get delayed?
No problem! The workbook and videos guide you through the process. The first two weeks are about preparing you for a change in diet, understanding the protocol, organising your supplements and having your 1-1 consult. If this process takes a bit longer, then it doesn't matter. You move onto step 2 when you're ready and once you have the supplements. 
If things don't go to plan during step 2, also no stress. You'll have access to email support, where I can help you get back on track.
You also have the option to book additional 1:1 consults with me. (Any additional online consults - 2 are included - are at a cost of $70 NZ. Additional consults in my practice are $105 NZ. Email support is free).
Do I need a computer or can I access from my mobile?
You can access this from anywhere and on any device! So long as you have a web browser and an internet connection you can access this from any device you like!
What is functional medicine? Are you qualified?
Functional Medicine utilizes the latest research findings on supplements, diet and other natural tools for restoring balance in the body's primary physiological processes. It asks why has function been lost and what can be done to restore function naturally?
To become a certified functional medicine practitioner you need to be a qualified health professional in the first instance (I'm a trained chiropractor) and then complete hundreds of hours of additional training in functional medicine, nutrition & human physiology, and then pass the final examinations. 
I have been a health care professional for over 16 years and have never really stopped studying and learning!
I'm in Auckland, can I just come and see you?
Absolutely. You can book a consult through 
However, with this program, you'll receive more understanding of IBS and the triggers, have group support and accountability, meal ideas and recipes.
You can also book the initial 1:1 consult to be with me in person and get the added benefit of applied kinesiology muscle testing for just an extra $70 NZ (paid at the visit). After signing up, please contact to make this appointment. (This appointment will replace the first 1:1 zoom call only).
Will this really work, I've tried everything?
I understand the hesitation. You have to trust some lady you don't know. Plus, there is the cost and the price of supplements. However, to reduce the fear I'm offering a 14 day, no questions asked - money back guarantee. If you don't think it's for you, then just send me an email and I'll refund your money.
Also, if you strictly follow my care plan, watch the videos and still don't see any improvement by the end of the 8 weeks, you can repeat the process for just the cost of any private consults ($70 NZ each) and supplements. Together we'll do our best to sort out a solution for you. I'm not one to give up!

So what are you waiting for?

Book your 1:1 consult now and let's get started!

One time payment

$489 NZ 

(approx $310 US)

Normally $989 NZ

SAVE $500 NOW!

Monthly payment

2 x $270 NZ 

(2 x $170 US approx)

Normally $1040 NZ

SAVE $500 NOW!

Please know that spaces are limited as numbers are capped.  
Still got questions? Please feel free to flick me an email or book a FREE discovery call. I'm happy to have a chat.
Otherwise, I look forward to working with you soon. 
Dr Georgina
Please note: These testimonials are from actual paying clients who have gone through Dr Georgina Compton's gut healing protocol. Although these results ARE typical, your results may VARY based upon your effort, adherence, education, genes, previous trauma/injury, the way your body works and forces beyond our control. We make no claims on any improvements to your body, health or symptoms.


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