Toxin-Free Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

Updated: May 11

You may have seen the recent review by Consumer stating that a number of the multi-purpose cleaning sprays on the supermarket shelves "performed worse than water"!

Yip, most of those toxic and often expensive cleaning sprays just move the grease and grime around, rather than remove it!

The great news is, there is no need for all those toxic chemicals in your home. You can easily make your own effective multi-purpose cleaning spray with just some water, white vinegar and essential oil. For tough grime and stains just sprinkle a little baking soda onto the area first. Then apply the vinegar and water mixture and wipe away. Super simple, and it works!

I use a 300 ml amber glass bottle with the vinegar and essential oil mixture as my kitchen bench and stove cleaner. Amber glass bottles are preferred as they are reusable, better for the environment and safer for use with essential oils.

In New Zealand you can easily purchase glass bottles from Arthur Holmes. Ask for either a 300 ml or 500 ml amber bottle with black spray attachment. They are around $5 - $7 NZ + freight, but will last you a very long time.

Personally, I prefer the 300 ml size, as it isn't as heavy to hold. You just need to cut the spray attachment to the right length for it to fit different sized bottles.

To make a 500 ml bottle:

Simply add...

1/4 C white vinegar (not malt or red wine vinegar)

1 3/4 C water

30 drops of essential oils

In a 300 ml bottle add:

2 1/2 Tablespoons of white vinegar

1 Cup water

18 drops of essential oils

Recommended essential oils:

  • Lavender and Lemon - half of each

  • Eucalyptus and Peppermint and Wild orange

  • Doterra On Guard Protective Blend (contains Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower essential oils).

  • Grapefruit and On Guard

I use pure, therapeutic grade DoTERRA essential oils, and my favourite for this recipe is the On Guard Protective blend.

If you need some oily goodness, visit here for more info.

You can make this spray without essential oils but I do find they can offer bug-busting, cleansing, and grime removing benefits. Plus they disguise the vinegar smell.

This is a cheap, effective multi-purpose spray, without any toxic chemicals and worth a few minutes of your time to make.

One final note...

Most multi-purpose sprays (not just this one), should NOT be used on the following surfaces:

  • Acrylic plastics

  • Aluminium

  • Brass

  • Carpet

  • Clear plastics

  • Copper

  • Cracked and damaged surfaces

  • Fabric

  • Granite

  • Halogen hobs

  • Hot surfaces

  • Lacquered surfaces

  • Leather

  • Marble

  • Natural stone

  • Non-glazed surfaces

  • Soft porous surfaces

  • Suede

  • Terrazzo

  • Unfinished wood

  • Unwaxed vinyl

  • Vitroceramics

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