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...a passionate Mum, "home executive", study nerd, essential oil lover, ex-ballet dancer, ex-IBS sufferer and pinot noir & dark chocolate lover.

I'm also a practising Chiropractor and certified functional medicine practitioner with over 16 years experience. You'll find my clinic in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand.

Hi, I'm Dr Georgina Compton
My message is an important one...


Let's STOP covering up symptoms of ill health with drugs and surgery. Instead, let's look to the root cause of any health challenges so you can be your most vital, energetic, healthy self. 

You see, although I saw many miracles when practising only chiropractic care, there were still far too many of my clients on bundles of medications, suffering from an array of conditions, simply surviving and far from thriving.

Most didn't realise their decision to cover up symptoms with drugs or surgery could lead to more issues later in life.  


I knew I needed to do more. 


So I got to work studying nutrition, pediatric care, applied kinesiology and functional medicine, and my practice changed overnight. 


Nourish to Flourish was born because I wanted to help a larger community of people (not just my clients) understand what could be at the root of their health concerns and provide tools to make choosing a healthier lifestyle simpler and easier.  


A lot of the information provided on this site stems from my study at The Functional Medicine University. You'll even find articles from the Director of the University and other guest writers. 

More on my why

With chronic health conditions on the rise, I have found the current medical approach is not working. Although great for saving lives and acute care, addressing chronic health issues by looking for the underlying cause is almost non-existent.

“If all the FISH in a lake were DYING or DEFORMED, would wildlife experts prescribe 
MEDICATION or examine what was CAUSING the imbalance in the ENVIRONMENT?”


We often forget there are 5 areas to be addressed in order to achieve optimum health and well-being.

1. How you nourish your body nutritionally. 

2. Your environment and the toxins you are exposed to daily.

3. The quality of your sleep and rest. 

4. Your physical or structural body and how it functions and moves. 

5. Your emotional well-being, stress levels and thought patterns. 

I feel they are so important I have symbolized these 5 areas as petals in the flower of our logo.  


Supporting your body naturally

No synthetic drugs or surgeries will be recommended here. Just inspiration to go back to basics where you can. With recommended products being as close to nature as possible, without being ineffective, and food being real and nutritious, not packaged and processed.  

I don't claim to be perfect, I have had battles with ill health, depression and the like. I have at times slipped back into bad habits of less nutritious foods or overwork or lack of exercise. (In fact, I'm often up far too late researching, studying and writing content for this passion project!)  

Hopefully, the information provided and the associated social media pages will encourage a community of followers to support us and others on their health journey.

Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome & poor gut health of concern to you?

As a previous IBS sufferer, gut health and healing is an area I'm intensely passionate about. There is a long term solution to IBS, you simply need to uncover and address the root causes. If you'd love to find out more please check out my free on-demand IBS webinar, my free Facebook Group - The IBS & Gut Healing Support Group or book a free discovery call to see if my 3 step IBS Solution would be right for you.  I'd love to help you overcome your IBS symptoms, not just manage them.  

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 Dr Georgina

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